A Quick Guide to Quickies

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Love, Sex

Fast can feel good, too! Here’s how to maximize your pleasure in minutes.

Tips for a revved-up romp

By Jennifer Benjamin
From Health magazine

In bodice-ripping romance novels, hours of lovemaking sounds wonderful. In real life, marathon sessions can leave you wondering, Are we done yet? In fact, surveys show that most of us prefer sex to last less than 15 minutes.

Makes sense: In a speedy session, not only is there less pressure to have the best sex ever, but the lightning-fast factor can be exhilarating (“I must have you right now!”). To make a minutes-long romp even more satisfying, try these tricks.

Do some smooching

Making out will help you get turned on faster. “Kissing accelerates the arousal process because it wakes up the nervous system, as well as the endocrine system, which produces all of those lust-fueled hormones,” says Los Angeles–based sex coach Patti Britton, PhD. It also makes a quick encounter feel way more intimate, so don’t fast-forward past foreplay

Keep your clothes on

Why waste precious minutes getting undressed? Besides, staying covered up can be a big turn-on. “It feels primal and animalistic, as though you’re desperate to have each other right there and then,” explains Joel Block, PhD, a psychologist and relationship expert forCanDoBetter.com.

Change the venue

Five minutes of ho-hum missionary on your pillow-top bed probably won’t knock your socks off. But five minutes in the shower? Or on the kitchen island? Now we’re talking! “The novelty of a new setting increases excitement, especially when there’s the risk of getting caught,” Block explains. Even if there’s no one else around, doing it in an unconventional spot helps create the thrilling sense that someone could walk in at any moment.

Think NC-17 thoughts

When you’re trying to get in the mood ASAP, your brain can help get the rest of you on board. “Fantasizing spurs a physiological sexual response because your body replicates what it’s envisioning in your brain,” Britton explains. “It also focuses your mind to help you tune out distractions.” Even if you are on your pillow-top bed, pretend you’re doing it on a tropical beach.

Narrate the action

Communicating while in the act, whether it’s nice or naughty talk, allows you to stay focused on each other and reminds you that you still have that spark, Block says. So share how good it feels as the action unfolds. It’s a super-simple way to have a blast—fast!


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