Simple ways to meet that special someone

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Love
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In today’s modern world, finding that special someone to date could be a great challenge. But there are sure ways for you to find that someone naturally without too much struggling. Basically, making eye contact and finding a balance between confidence and a relaxed demeanour assures him or her that you’re not being pushy or desperate.

Some relationships do spark from friendship and they usually come through ways – a close friend of yours who already understands your personality or someone you’ve met through a mutual friend that’s attracted your unique character.

Instead of trying to be someone you aren’t, be someone you are. If you approach a woman in a natural setting – like a bookstore or a coffee shop – the best way to get your attention and eliminate the stranger barrier is by being yourself. Anything more sets off an alarm.

The number one mistake most men do when attempting to be wrapped up in the world of dating is they don’t pay attention. Along with listening to a woman’s feelings and thoughts, focusing on their body language and appearance sheds light on their personality.

Believe it or not, your body language can sway a women’s opinion in how they perceive you. Slouching shows you’re unconcerned about your body positions but keeping good posture admits you’re concerned about your image among other things.

Some see gyms as a closed setting to “prey” on someone and instantly ask them out but dates don’t always stem from such a scenario. Instead focus on the task at hand (health & fitness) and those around you will spark a conversation if interested, even if you’re testing yourself in the outdoors.

Grooming is important. Spending the time to take care of your image boosts self-esteem and shows you’re responsible.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, maintain confidence to keep your stress levels under control and morale in check. Just remember, it takes initiative to build it and to seize every opportunity that crosses your path.

We all despise and often criticize the number of event invitations we get on Facebook and now is the time to use them. Each event presents a new time and place to meet people, allowing you to use Twitter and other networks to keep in touch with them. You can actually connect two individuals who usually wouldn’t cross paths in everyday life.

Acting in a civilized manner goes a long way, especially if you show a genuine kindness to others.

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