How to preserve your most-loved clothes from underarm stains

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Health

Usually, underarm stains are an unfortunate phenomenon we try not to acknowledge, much less discuss in a public forum.

But hated spots are going are a part of our weather. So, with the longevity of our favorite garments in mind, we have assembled the best ways to protect our shirts and dresses and tops.

1) Don’t go outside
Telecommute to work. Have your groceries delivered. Hire that kid you used to babysit in high school to walk your dog. The easiest way to avoid sweating is not to put yourself in a position that would make you sweat in the first place, meaning anywhere that’s out of doors is not where you want to be.

2) OK, fine. Go outside. But know how to treat your deodorant
If you apply gobs and gobs of deodorant right before you leave the house, you’re basically guaranteeing a stain. More isn’t necessarily better. Applying a thin layer and allowing it to dry completely before you put your shirt on will help you avoid excess staining.

3) Just say no … to aluminium
If you’re using a deodorant that has aluminium in it (we’re talking to you, Axe Phoenix antiperspirant stick users), it’s possible that ingredient is causing staining. Switching to a product that doesn’t have aluminium will help prevent those nasty-looking yellow rings on your white shirts.

4) Just add water
Soaking your shirts in ice-cold water will help to remove some of the sweat you accumulated fighting for that last blueberry muffin at the bakery this morning. As soon as you get home, peel yourself out of the layer you think you’ve stained and give it a good rinse — and there’s no need to add ice. Cold tap water will do just fine. And be sure to wash your sweaty shirts as soon as possible after wearing them.
If you perspired clear through a dry clean-only shirt, well, that was an unfortunate decision on your part. Luckily your dry cleaner will probably know what to do about that.

5) If all else fails, keep your guard up
As much of a hassle as they might seem, underarm guards are a lifesaver when it comes to preventing stains. They provide the same stain-fighting protection of an undershirt without the extra heat so often caused by another layer of fabric. And because they’re made of thicker material than the average cotton shirt or camisole, they’re better suited to absorbing your sweat, making it less likely that it’ll show up on your shirt.

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