Why do women want to get married?

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Marriage is a social institution in which two people choose to merge their lives and create a family together. Psychology Today’s article “Marriage, A History” states that marriage has been a tradition for thousands of years, but in recent years, the practical need for marriage is not as prevalent as the emotional need. Forbes’s “Why Men and Women Get Married” asserts that, with the advances of women in higher education and the workplace, women no longer need to get married. However, women still want to find the right man to marry.

History of Marriage

According to Psychology Today, marriages in the past were motivated by everything but love. Marriages in many ancient cultures were arranged by the parents for the mutual benefit of both families. These benefits were political, social and financial, but did not always take the woman’s wants or needs into account. In the Victorian Era, love became more important for marriages, however many people still believed that money was just as important a consideration in choosing a husband. In the early 1900s, love was the most important consideration, and marriage became a social requirement. The advances of women in the workplace and education have changed marriage from a social requirement to a want.

Life Benefits

Since the 1970s, research on the benefits of marriage for both sexes varies in its viewpoint and conclusions. Some researchers’ findings discussed in a Psychology Today series believed that marriage was actually toxic for women, but other researchers found that married women have a longer life span and less depression than single or divorced women. This supports the finding in these studies that men also live longer, healthier lives when married. This may be because wives make sure that their husbands go to the doctor when they are sick, and married couples have health insurance more often than single people.

Financial Benefits

Financial benefits exist for both men and women when married, according to Psychology Today’s article series “Is Marriage Toxic to Women?” The author states married men statistically are more successful at work than single men. The article theorizes that it is because the wife is taking care of things at home, allowing their husband to work more hours. The article also states that married women are more successful as well, but they more often sacrifice a career or choose to not advance in their careers so that they are available to their children.

Legal Benefits

“Marriage Rights and Benefits” from NOLO states that married couples enjoy legal benefits that single couples do not. Married couples are able to make decisions for each other. For example, if your husband is taken to the hospital unconscious, you can make medical decisions for his care. If you are not married, you may not be given the opportunity to even see your significant other in some situations. If, heaven forbid, your husband dies, there is no question who makes decisions regarding his last wishes, his estate and his remains. If you are not married, you may not be able to make any decisions and may be left to suffer the loss while others make the decisions.

Bottom Line

The life, financial and legal benefits of marriage are the practical reasons to get married. But, according to Psychology Today, marriage is the ultimate expression of love and devotion. Forbes states that women are looking for a mate who will be emotionally supportive, helpful at home, romantic and good communicators. Women are also looking for a mate who will be supportive of their careers and be a partner in life. The bottom line, according to all the sources, is that women are looking for love and a partner in life.

Source: livestrong.com

  1. the Mrs. says:

    Thanks for the overview! Many are unaware of the evolution of marriage through the centuries… Thanks for posting 🙂

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