2 Days Trip to the Volta Region

Posted: August 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

oh my God, i taught this trip wouldn’t have come off successfully. i didn’t want to dissapoint the interns because i had promised them that i will be coming with Apoopo. Apoopo came to the MC hse on the 31st July evening and called me cos i was with Adjoo the whole day.

My day with Adjoo was fun, exciting and in the end became sad. we had to go to Accra Central where i had to go and deposit some cheques. From there we moved straight to Papaye but the queue there was long and had to go to Asanka Local. Indeed, it was good that we went to Asanka Local cos we ate fufu with palmnut soup and bush meat. i really enjoyed the food cos it was a long tyme i ate fufu. The Nigerian guy we went with even enjoyed himself more than we did. From Asanka Local, we went straight to the mall for shoping. it was a reduction sales day so we bought a lot of things from cloth to electronics. From the Mall, we went to the cultural center to buy some African wears and that is where the sad event happend. the Nigerian guy lost his phone and…………………. we went to Awoshie from there where i picked a car back to the MC hse.
I slept early to prepare myself for the long trip. Apoopo went out in the night so came late and he didn’t sleep enough for me to wake him up that it is tyme to go to the station. We picked a taxi and held straight to Tudu station. On our way, we called the interns and they told us they were already waiting for us at Kpando station instead of Tudu Station. The taxi took us to another station and the interns left leaving Apoopo and I behind. We picked the next bus to Kpong. when we got to kpong, they were waiting for us and we set off.
We went to the renovated Adomi bridge and they took some pictures of the bridge and the river. we were all hungry for a boat ride so we went to Akosombo Continental Hotel and dammmmmm the place is good. I will surely send my ……..to the place. There was a lot more there than we expected. there were crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, squirel or what ever it is called, tortise and a lot more. The animals were scary though.
After a sip of juice, we set off for our boat trip. we had a ride on Lake volta for about 30mins and came back. from the Hotel, we picked a car to Atomi *******have forgotten what contnue the name in the Volta Region . The place has a monkey Santuary. The place is really far from Atimpoku or the Adomi bridge. Let me say this, some drivers are opportunist. The driver who sent us to Atomi wanted to take all our money for no good reason.
We got to the place late so had to sleep till the next day so that we continue our trip. The village is kuul, just that some of the workers wanted to take advantage of us to charge us abnormal fees. I really found it irritating and excuse my language ‘stupid’ for a worker who works at the place to tell us to give our fun to some other white people we went with, just for the reason that their fun is not working and we all paid the same amount. The Lady is a disgarce to the community as she wanted to treat the foreingners in some special way than we, shame on her. we reported her to the manager. Dinner delayed but what can u do, u have to wait and it wasn’t any special food, rice and stew. We went to bed for the next days’ activity. Sleep was good as we were tired after the long trip.
We started our monkey seeing at 6am since that was the time the monkeys were nearby. oh my goosh, it was lovely to see and feed the monkeys as well. they are interesting. we walked through the thick forest before leaving the village. oh i forgot, we went for breakfast first. There isn’t much cars in the village but a lot of motobikes. The driver of the motobike charges GHc1 for each ride to the main jubction. Since we were twelve (12) in number, we had to let two people pick the motobike to the junction and find us a van to convey us to the highest village in Ghana. I walked with 9 other people to the junction. A 5km walked is not easy one my brother. It took as 1 hr for the whole walk to the junction.
The van came to take us to the mountain……………
to be continued……………………….

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