Challenging Experience at AIESEC Ghana

Posted: July 28, 2009 in AIESEC, Ghana

Hey its good that i am an AIESEcer!!!! why? b’cos i have gained experience in leading people, managing of funds,project management, have international network of friends,being able to know myself as an individual, analytical in my decisions and thinking and a whole lot of experience i cannot finish mentioning it.

So guys what are you waiting for? go join AIESEC in your nearest university and explore and develop that hidden potential i you. I mean in you!!!!!

check out

After my work at the AIESEC Ghana national office, then i will go for internship in about 4000 organisations that are partnering AIESEC Global internship program, may be with Microsoft, DHL, ABN Ambro, PWC, MMRS Ogilvy, NCR, KLM and a host of others.

mail me for more details
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  1. Roberta Amevor says:

    I was and am still an AIESECer, this platform gave me an opportunity to experience and learn things i would never have been able to. If the is one thing i have to say….it is AIESEC has taught me that I do not have to be rich and powerful in order to impact lives but in my own little way I can make an impact in the lives of thousands………
    I am glad and proud to say I have been part of an organization that thrives to positively impact the lives of people especially our youth of today who will become better leaders tomorrow.

    I encourage students to be part of this great organization.

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